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This is my mother ...and my dad ...and my husband
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This is my mom, dad, and sister... mostly my sister. Dad is like, "seriously?" and mom deals with them.... I think she actually like History's I might just die song!
lol my mom doesn't care. She'll be like, "Your Korean boyfriends will never know you." Psh, my oppas know me because I'm in their fandom duh! 😂😂 They love their fans and fandoms ofc
yes my mother is over here like "The struggle is real" haha
dude I live with my brother and his family and every time I watch K-Dramas , K-Pop, or any thing Asian related..my brother never falls to say: "back to this old song and dance are we?" or from his wife "its consuming your life" or my personal favorite "stop teaching my son your Chinese shit.." I laugh because Aunt Sarah (me) is rubbing of on him. ✌mission accomplished. today he even said Fighting to his mom before going to work. 😎i feel like a badass right now I aint gonna lie.
My mom says they all look the same. My dad just silently accepts