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hey guys so new army here! So obviously you can tell I am a Jimin bias but I would like to know your biases!
Is it the Jungkookie? Or....
is it the handsome pink princess Jin?
Is it the aeygo master Jhope?
is it sweet Suga?
or is it the team leader Rap Monster? (:
or is it the alien V?
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@JessAS "No More Dream" and then "Boy in Luv"!!!
2 years ago·Reply
hello welcome to vingle. I actually have many biases and can't choose there's suga, rap monster, taeyang, ren there's one in beast but I don't remember his name along with bts and exo
2 years ago·Reply
@Exoexo alright thanks! I'll look those up (:
2 years ago·Reply
hello my fellow newbie! my bias is def. Jin but V makes life difficult
2 years ago·Reply
Hi, my first bias was Jhope and now it's Jungkookie!
2 years ago·Reply