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Statement Heels For Brides
Giuseppe Zanotti's open-toe evening sandal has you covered for the night!
For all my brides out there that can appreciate a good shoe and know how to work a stiletto--regardless of the occasion--this is for you!
Wear it under your dress. Wear it to impress. Wear it out for the bachelorette party. Do what you need to do; JUST GET THESE ON YOUR FEET ASAP!
Get these in black or gold.


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I trolled the Internet looking for blue ones. yiu owe me 25 minutes and a hibiscus lemonade sans berries, easy ice from Starbucks @jordanhamilton
lol omg! I keep looking at the image and I swear it's blue. I must have that color perception issue that some people have. it's so weird, haha but I can do that! hibiscus lemonade on the rocks coming up :) @marshalledgar