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"What are we so scared of?"

It's not an easy question to answer. Last June Gawker wrote about the leaked emails between Sony and Marvel which outlined the character traits Spider-Man would have. One thing was very clear: neither company would approve of a nonwhite Peter Parker, nor would they green light a homosexual version of the character. Taking that into consideration, it's unlikely that they'd agree to a pansexual version either.

"We're scared of things that aren't us,"

Garfield told Mic. "Love is love. Skin is skin. Flesh is flesh. We're all wrapped in the same thing. I have no preference." This sentiment sounds incredibly similar to the definition of the word pansexual (Via Google):
"Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity."
It's amazing to hear this kind of positive news from one of the actors, but the leaked emails indicate that this kind of discussion just isn't happening among the people who are actually empowered to make these kinds of decisions.

So, just what ARE we so scared of?

At this point, it seems like people will see a Spider-Man movie no matter what. That's not a bad thing! The character is incredible, and the story about redemption and responsibility is one that so many people can relate to. Does it really matter if the person behind the mask doesn't look like the Peter Parker we're used to?
@karthikkrazzy1 preach it, brother.
i would love to see a pansexual i am done with these reboots of same crap
@YoSoySoySauce you're so right, unfortunately. Marvel wouldn't dare push the envelope so much as all that. Deadpool would be the perfect fit for a pan character, and it would be the perfect time for it, but they still wouldn't do it. I'm just so tired of all these straight white dudes doing straight white dude stuff. it's old already.
I for one would absolutely love a pansexual spiderman, but unfortunately I doubt that marvel would ever show a pansexual character. An example of this could be shown with the new Deadpool movie. If there's anything close to a non-heterosexual character in the marvel cinematic universe it would be deadpool. (He has a heavily hinted relationship with Cable, plus one of the writers actually said they wrote deadpool to be pan/omnisexual.) But the director of the movie denied that he would be shown as pansexual, even though the movie isn't pg-13.
@Karthikkrazzy1 that's a good point! It does sort of feel like the same story being told over and over again. There's no surprise that way.
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