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(I know, I know...It's not Friday!) But I didn't share a Fab Friday Find last Friday because, well, there was nothing GAG-WORTHY to share. And if you know me, then you know that I don't just share whatever. I share what speaks to me, and therefore, should speak to you!
Loving this traditional three-tier "Chalkboard" wedding cake! As you can see, the Parkers have fabulous taste. It was created by self-taught baker, Annissa Cheyne, who happens to be 23 years old! Are you kidding me?! Impossible! She is owner of Frosted Cake Design in, you guessed it, Canada.
I know a lot of you might be thinking, What's the deal? MANY of the cakes that I feature come from either Australia or Canada. Trust me, I don't hate American bakers or bakeries. I just haven't discovered "WOW" yet, here in the States. However, I give you FULL PERMISSION to educate me on who's who in American wedding cakes. I'm all ears.
In the meantime, get your cake and eat it with Frosted Cake Design! For more cakery goodness, click here!
thanks @ButterflyBlu Only the best for my Vinglers
You have great taste, @marshalledgar.