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Only hours away, let's look back at some of the funnier moments from Timberlake's appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

1. When they took us to summer camp.

Because what's summer camp without singing and staying up too late for your own good?

2. When they hypnotized us with their rap skills.

The History of Rap series on the Tonight Show is genius...come on!

3. When they re-defined our online lives with the #skit.

I'm still laughing about this one.

4. When their friendship actually looked like the ones we have.

Come on, we all have that friend we love to make fun of.

5. When they artfully insulted guests on the Barry Gibb Talk Show

This is probably my favorite SNL skit of all time, TBH.

6. When they broke character on the Barry Gibb Talk Show.

Honestly if your BFF is in your face being ridiculous, how are you supposed to be serious??

7. When Jimmy confessed his love for Justin, unprovoked.

Because that's true friendship people, what you do when your buddies aren't around.

8. When Justin impersonated Jimmy perfectly.

Who knows you better than your best friend? Nobody, that's who.

9. When they kicked off SNL 40 together.

Like, that's a huge deal!

10. And of course, when they declared their friendship would last forever.

That's a true friendship goal!
I can't wait to watch them on The Tonight Show tonight!
What's your favorite Timberlake / Fallon moment?
the # skit was my absolute favorite!!!!
The Barry Gibb Talk show is also my ultimate fave. Whenever Jimmy or Justin is on snl, I hope the other is there so they can do the skit haha
"I will put you in the ground" @danidee the Barry Gibb Talk Show is so intensely funny and yeah @nicolejb the Summer camp thing is so great, I love the random songs they sing. @TerrecaRiley I CANT WAIT to watch it either
The Barry Gibb Talk Show always killed me. Especially seeing how much Justin can make Jimmy laugh in that crazy beard lol.
Yes @adorkabledolly me too! I remember watching it in high school. So good
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