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Okay, so you are probably wondering to yourself, "Gosh, what is this I'm looking at?"
Other than 7 adorable guys, it is a dating game! Intrigued yet? Good, Let's continue.. So yes, I know that there are a few games going around, and I have already done sorta-kind of- like it, but I decided 'hey why not used MadTown.. Following? Great!!
So as I have stated in other cards {UNIQ Game), now is the part everyone hates, the rules.. Choose from the options, but please, your final answer is that. Please don't change your mind from your original choice. When I post, I usually try to give people time to choose, then I will post the results within the following days. These are all great guys, so let's get started.
Door 1
Door 2
Door 3
Door 4
Door 5
Door 6
Door 7

And as an Added bonus.. Because he's my bias and has a beautiful voice to serenade you while making this decision...

I will leave this here for your ears... If you are foggy of who they are, or are new, then welcome The MADTOWN Game...

Drop a comment Below which door you would like..

@PassTheSuga Haha! when you make the final decision, the results are up dear! just click on the MADTOWN collection and you can see who you got C:
7.....I think....or 5....or 7
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