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The best way to imagine making out with the world's most gorgeous, adorable man? Watch GIFs of him on repeat.

Here's why Ryan Gosling is an amazing kisser, and needs to be your next boyfriend.

He's tender and romantic.

He's sexy af.

He knows how to build that anticipation. *lip lick*

He'll surprise you with a kiss when you least expect it.

He'll caress your neck with his large, manly hands.

He's fun, and knows how to make you smile.

Passionate makeouts are his specialty – I mean, they're basically his day job.

He'll even kiss you in the pouring rain. The guy just loves to kiss.

Don't have to tell me twice. Look at that bod.

Oh Ryan Gosling, you are so perfect in every way.

"I know."

Who else here is dying over how sexy this man is right now??? :D
Any requests for my next celebrity kissing GIF compilation?? (I'm thinking Joseph Gordon-Levitt...)
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@poe5353 the ultimate question: Jensen or Jared!! Both lovely... But that Jared. <3 We all win!!!
Both please!!! ;)
Hahahah wait ladies, who is this mysterious Jensen Ackles!?? @poe5353 @ButterflyBlu
*stares at @allischaaff* Girl!!
I think it’s all the things that the card says too @marshalledgar! The anticipation, the soft extra touched (hand caress), and unexpected timing...all of these make someone a good kisser. In my opinion! :)