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I still can't believe its over? just yesterday i was wondering how they'll finish it up in one episode but the ending wasn't rushed and i guess it wasn't incomplete either. there were no love stories, just friendship and loyalty. FRIENDSHIP AND LOYALTY. that was what this show was about. the way they wrapped up Jung oh's issue was realistic. with the kind of life and circumstances he had he could never had made it to college and sometimes in life you just have to live one day at a time. i loved how Kang teacher resumed his duties and evolved from a tutor to a teacher. i loved how Ha Kyung stood up to her mum without hurting. i loved Ji Hoon and the other guy going to extremes to help their friend. they could have added one of there scenes in the end showing the trio still together. i'm going to miss my puppies - Nam Soon and Heung Soo.. eye candies both of them and ofcourse teacher Jung too. a really nice show comes to an end.. i would have loved to see more of them but i'm satisfied.
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@neaa wow so u did watched it :)) well same for me the drama were wonderful but the end of it don‘t seem like an end i mean alot of things did not end ,,,,the only thing i was happy about is nam soo and heung soo are together but still i did want to see jang na ra and danial choi together and the trio together too ,,they should also put pictures of the student in college or work ...well i am a little bit disappointed by the author cause he wrote such a wonderful drama but a non-wonderful end ...they should extend it a 3 or 4 more episodes