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There are moments in everyone's life where they feel like they can't get out of bed. It's not necessarily a physical issue -- although, it can be, I don't know -- but it's more of a mental issue. Maybe everything in your life isn't going the way you want it to, or maybe you feel like you can't shoulder the weight of you life and it feels like you need some help.
Well, don't worry, I think I got something that'll probably, maybe be the push you need to get out of bed. Here are five emo/punk songs that'll make you want to shuffle your feet faster than you have been for the past few days.
Usually we associate emo/punk with sadness and relationships but these song grab at something deeper than that and are all pretty positive.

RVIVR -- Seethin'

I'll just admit this now. RVIVR is my favorite band. They have a bunch of songs that make me want to get out of bed but none of them stack up to Seethin'. It's upbeat enough to make you want to shift out of your sad stasis and it's just catchy enough to bop your head to. Anytime I hear this song, I instantly feel better than I did a before I heard it.

Notable Lyrics:

"The skies not falling yer just growing". Never slowing and it’s a long way down. So come on come on come on no one likes a whiny babe, screaming so loud you can’t hear the sound when it goes away.

Run, Forever -- The Devil and Death and Me

The title track off their 2010 album is definitely one of those songs you sing with your sad friends as you drive up and down your suburban town. The song keeps you engaged throughout with it's driving drums and it's folk-y influences. You can really feel the lead singer's emotion as the words pour out of his mouth. When the gang vocals come in halfway through, it's hard to resist the urge to wrap your arm around the closest person and smile.

Notable Lyrics:

I swear that I'll make it out of this year, though I may not know where I am going, it's certainly better than here. I swear that I'll make it out of this year, though I've lost all the things I believed in; Hey, I'm still breathing.

Cayetana -- Hot Dad Calendar

Cayetana definitely wins best song title in the history of song titles. Don't worry, the song doesn't have anything to do with Hot Dads or calendars. It's probably the most pop-punk song on this list but that doesn't make it any less uplifting. It's hard to stay still while listening to the song and the lead singers unique vocals help engage the listener. Honestly, I've been starting my mornings with this song for the past two weeks. There's something about being told you'll make it through in song that really makes me want to move right after I wake up.

Notable Lyrics:

And kid you’ll be okay. You get better with age. Remember that you are a snail in every pinch. Your shell may get heavy. But you’ll push through every inch. And i know you really wanna make it out alive.

Bridge and Tunnel -- Call to the Comptroller's Office

This one is kind of a weird one to put on the list. It's more about the oppressing nature of New York City, it's nightlife, and the way one can feel so small in city so big. There's a lot going on here. But the bridge of this song is probably one of my favorites. The entire song slows down to a noodle-y guitar line and drums then builds back up again. The lyrics (below) remind me of my relationship with my friends and how we take care of each other. That thought alone helps me get out of the rut I might find myself in.

Notable Lyrics:

Hold on to me, if you need it. I'm awake with yesterday's coffee resting in the pot. So hold on to me, if you need it. I know you're tired. These days it seems like all of us are.

The Hotelier -- An Introduction to the Album

The first time I heard this song, I was in a place I didn't want to be in. I wasn't happy in my personal or professional life. I felt like I was stuck and I wasn't going anywhere. I was living a day-in day-out kind of life and I hated myself. My best friend sent me this album while I was at work and said, "Don't listen to this now, it'll make you want to walk out on your job." He was right. I listened to the whole album on repeat while I worked and waited until the right time to finally quit (I eventually did). While the lyrics don't necessarily sound upbeat or optimistic, I found myself trapped in the same emotions as the song and didn't feel so alone. I always forget how great this song is but I can't help but feel pumped when it starts playing. It slowly builds up to a giant release at the end and it's all worth it.

Notable Lyrics:

I searched for a way out. Don't we all? An existentialist recall: turn in all dichotomies and truths that I gave. I felt wrong in many ways. It didn't heal. It just got harder everyday to be still, to be passing through the throes in a daze, feeling heavy, feeling cold in my skin, in my hand-me-downs. I'm wearing everything thin. And the pills that you gave didn't do anything. I just slept for years on end. (fuck)
how crazy...a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to listen to emo music this morning.
This playlist is way too hip for me to handle...