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We have a new character to get excited about!

You probably recognize Whaley from Gotham or Ray Donovan, and just a few minutes ago it was announced that he would be joining the cast of Luke Cage, Marvel's third Netflix series.
"He will play the recurring role of Detective Scarfe, a hard-nosed detective, in the third series in Marvel’s four-series package for Netflix."
Sounds like he'll fit right in! We don't know many plot details yet, but it sounds like Luke Cage will follow the titular character's struggle after being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Whaley will be joining Mike Colter (playing Luke Cage), Alfre Woodard, Simone Missick and Theo Rossi, with Rosario Dawson reprising her role from Daredevil.
It sounds good...can't wait to see it.
This is definitely going to be interesting. I hope it exceeds expectations. @shannonl5 I could see Whaley's character being the antagonist.
I hope that this series is good! I know at the moment TV is coming "the comic book show store" but please, just be good! Lol
@CandaceJordan yeah, it seems like a lot of the casting announcements they've made have been very light on details, but a lot of the characters sound like they'd be allies. I don't envision him as being the Big Bad, but maybe inadvertent ally? @candyland1986 me too! I'm really excited about everything Netflix is doing with Marvel.
@shannonl5 this is looking good :)
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