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Three games. Three come-from-behind victories. A seven game division lead. 23 games to play.

Done and dusted? Not quite.

But nearly.

Drew Storen blew it again last night.

Cespedes did it again last night.

Familia did it again last night.

The Mets did it again last night.

You've got to believe that at this point, the Mets should have this division in the bag. They broke the Nationals' hearts last night for the third day in a row. Nationals Manager Matt Williams might not make it through the end of the week. Fans are calling for his head, and he was booed during the press conference last night. During the press conference!
Last night, the Nationals ruined an amazing start from Steven Strasberg, who struck out 13. They took him out in the seventh with a runner on base, and Drew Storen promptly allowed a 2-run homer to Cespedes, turning Strasberg's vintage outing into a loss. Brutal.

Is this three game sweep of the Nationals a sign that the balance of power has OFFICIALLY shifted in the Mets' favor?

I think it just might be.

It just might be that moment that Mets fans have been waiting for.

The dugout exploded after Cespdes's homer last night. It looked like the bench of a football team, not a baseball team, usually much more reserved and subdued.

Why be subdued? This is time to celebrate!

Go crazy, Mets fans. Our time is now.

#LGM !

the talent doesn't match what the Mets have!!
Yes.....the Mets have proven themselves as the better team through this series. It still amazes me how the Nats fell apart with the talent they have on their pitching staff