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According to Wikipedia, the Mets own the Nationals - literally
After the three game sweep of the Nationals, Mets fans are riding higher than ever, and Nats fans are down in the dumps.

Just the way I like it.

Someone - either a disgruntled Nationals fan or a pumped-up Mets fan taking the opportunity to rub in the victories - took to Wikipedia to explain what's been going on in the baseball world recently.
Check it out!
"The Washington Nationals are a professional baseball team located in Washington, D.C. and currently owned by the New York Mets."


Fans are having fun with graphics - there's plenty to celebrate if you're the Mets, and plenty to poke fun at if you're one of their opponents!
Check out some of the best tweets from right after Wednesday's game - the third one is just classic.

This team is comin' for ya! On to the next one!

#LGM !

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hahaha gotta love wikipedia and our internet warriors!
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always great when someone manages to snag a picture before it gets taken down hahah
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