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There was this girl. She loved dancing, singing, playing instruments, cooking, she was basically good at everything. Although even though she was good at everything, she wasn't exactly the happiest person. People would pick on her, they'd bully her, because of her many talents. One day Miki decided to wear her new white dress and let her hair down. As she was going to school, and on her way to class, she got teased again and again. She was used to it so she kept walking. Until they hit her on the head, she fell forwards, she braced herself for whenever her body would come in contact with the floor and closed her eyes. However, when she didn't feel the floor she opened her eyes and looked up. She saw the boy everyone goes GaGa for. Yes, even the boys. It was no other than Sehun. They stared at each other a second too long, until she finally remembered their position. She moved as fast as anyone has ever seen, mumbled a quiet "thank you" then awkwardly walked... ran.. away leaving Sehun with confusing thoughts as to, 'why did she run away?' 'You're one weird girl, Miki.' ... It was now lunch time and Miki was heading towards the cafeteria. When she did, she felt thousands of eyes on her. She looked up and saw that more than 10 people were giving her a death glare. She sigh and went towards the lunch line, but before she even got near, she was pushed towards the wall. Her biggest bullies, Minah, and her two stupid friends, were right in front of her. "What was something like you doing near Sehun this morning?" minah said. "She fell on purpose to make Sehun catch her!" One of her stupid friends said. Minah furrowed her eyebrows and raised her hand about to slap Miki. Miki, once again, braced herself for the impact and closed her eyes. But like earlier, when she felt nothing, she opened her eyes and saw that Sehun was holding minahs hand. Minah looked scared now. "Leave her alone." He said in a stern voice. Meanwhile, everyone in the cafeteria turned their heads and were watching what was happening. Whispers could be heard like, 'Why is he defending her?' 'Minah is the prettiest girl, and he defends her? Is he blind?' 'This is going to destroy Minah. She's in love with Sehun.' While Sehun was glaring at Minah and Minah looking back at him, and everyone else looking at them two, Miki found the chance to sneak away.
Once she was outside, she went to her favorite Old Oak tree. She would always go there when she needed to be alone, and the teachers didn't really care so she'd always go there. She started reading her favorite book and smiled once in a while. She plugged in her earphones and listened to her favorite song as she dozed off.
Sehun finally looked away and looked towards Miki is... well.. should've been. His eyes widened when he realized she wasn't there. Minah took the time to take him. "Since she's gone, can we go get something to eat after school?" She batted her eyes at him, which only made him gag. "No, thank you." He said and walked away out to find Miki. Whispers could be heard once again as he walked out of the cafeteria. As he walked out, he knew where Miki would be. He was.. A little bit of a stalker. He knew she'd be behind the school underneath and old oak tree that reminded him of the tree in Pocahontas. She'd be either drawing, or sleeping while listening to music. He smiled when he knew he was correct. There, in front of him was Miki asleep with two ear buds on the side of her head. Her eye lashes grazing her closed eyes. Her rosy checks and how her hair seems to be moving with the wind. Knowing he would be there a while, he took out his drawing pad, and started sketching the beauty, getting her cheek bones flawlessly, her slightly parted lips, to her collar bone showing a little, to her sneakers and the tree around her. He found himself at peace. Something only he'd feel when he was staring at her.
@Mikim000 I'm so sorry this is late! As you know, I've been really busy. For the next part I'll try working on it and taking less time! I promise! Well anyways, I hope you like it~ Part two will be up soon!
@MichelleIbarra looking forward to it ^_^
There's still a part two! I'll try updating it either on Monday or on Tuesday c:
thank you so much i loved it @Michellebarra
Yay! I love this ^_^