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I hate when people say Jimin is their bias because of his abs. Sure his abs are great, but I liked Jimin for the person he is- funny and kinda the person that gets picked on in the band. I love how short he is compared to his members(even though he is crazy tall compared to other guys in America) and how beautiful his laugh is. All in all Jimin is a great person and his abs are just a bonus. Remember that he could be starving himself and stressing himself out just to please ARMY.
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There is more to a bais then his or her appearance
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i oove jimin because of his voice its freaking beautiful..and his eyes and laugh .. like thats literally the reason i decided he would be my bias...and bonus are his abs. hahah
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I love Jimin because he's adorable and funny and likes to mess with the other members, especially when their sleeping.
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