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[Vingle K-Drama Awards] BEST SECOND MALE LEAD

So what makes a great second male lead?

We have to fall in love with you.

You have to break our hearts a little bit.

But you can also be a little bit evil.

You almost steal the show.

And make us 100x more addicted to the drama.

Basically, you're the real star!

Submit your favorite supporting male leads in the comments below!

Voting ends on Tuesday 9/15!

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I'm voting for Park Bo Geum He was so perfect in Nodame Cantibile as the second male lead, and then in Hello Monster urrrrrrrg SO MANY FEELS
2 years ago·Reply
YONG HWA in You're Beautiful!!! I had MAJOR second lead syndrome with his character in there. And did anyone else watch Pretty Man? Because I had MAJOR second lead syndrome from Lee Jang Woo in there.
2 years ago·Reply
thank you poll closed!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Lee Hyun Woo
2 years ago·Reply
Choi jin hyuk
2 years ago·Reply