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@shannonl5 Right? Time for me to watch another Ghibli movie soon I guess! @mchlyang Nice, I think Spirited Away has the most interesting Ghibli characters lol
@poojas try "From Up On Poppy Hill". It's good. Also yes, Spirited Away surely had the most interesting characters!!
@mistymaity I will watch that next then! It's about time for a new one since I keep re-watching my favorites a lot lol
Me too @poojas. I too keep watching my favourites. My son also watches Ghibli movies with me. Though he's too young to have a favourite, but still I think he likes Totoro the best!!! P.S. Whisper of the Heart is also good.
I loved the movie, but I never got to finish it because I watched it in class for the 1st time but we never finished it, which was upsetting. BTW Howl is super cute!!!