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Okay, guys. Time for today's flirting tip! Get excited! :D

So. You've got a cutie in your sights. Your target is locked. Now what?
In order to go from acquaintances to friends (and then to more than friends), at some point along the way you must get a phone number. It's a vital step – how else will you stay in touch, and make plans to hang out in the future?
But here's the big question:

How do you get it?

Well, first of all, not like that.
Here's my strategy. Follow along, people!

1. Say hello.

Don't be nervous! Just go on over and say hello. "Hey, my name's Alli. I really like your sweater." – Incredibly easy, right? That's an appropriate way to start! Just introduce yourself, and charm the heck out of this person. Show you're interested. Be polite, funny, and engaging.

2. Have an exciting conversation.

With introductions out of the way, ramp things up conversationally. Ask questions about their interests, profession, likes and dislikes, and listen to their answers. Make sure both of you are talking around the same amount. Set him or her at ease by sharing an equal amount of personal information (but no oversharing). Make them laugh if you can. Charm them with witty banter. Have fun with it!

3. Subtly suggest a future meetup, and exchange phone numbers to keep in touch.

Finally, turn the conversation to an exciting, cool thing to do in town. The activity itself could be based on something you've talked about, or just something you're excited to check out that you think they'd like too. For example, "Have you heard about the new Thai restaurant in town? I really want to check it out," or "I know you're a big reader – have you been to that tiny used bookshop downtown? It's so cool, I have to show you! You'd really love it."
Then, when they agree that that's something they'd enjoy doing with you, be all like, "What's your number? I was thinking of going this weekend or something. I'll text you." And voila!! You got that cutie's digits :)
This approach is great because it's not creepy, sets the other person at ease, and works pretty much every time. It's up to you where things go next, whether you're looking for a fun, flirty friendship or a serious relationship.

Now go forth and conquer – and get those numbers! :*

Has this approach ever worked for you? Any more tips to share with Vinglers tryna get those digits? Let's chat below! :D
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Lol We've seen each other in various clothing outside of work. Some of which are tight yoga pants and legging thingies and pants. There is no bulge to speak of. XD either it's small enough to not be noticed by somebody who knows what having a bulge looks like, based on a life time of looking at my own, or it's not there lol XD
And I think I'll pm you what happened lol =_=
Bahahaha XD @Arellano1052 Hmm remind me to never wear tight pants around you, lest you notice my bulge :O lolol jk jk jkkkk. And okay that sounds like a good idea hahaha. I'll be on later today~
I've already seen your bulge. Very impressive. I was jealous for the first few weeks we started talking. I barely got over it, that's why I'm able to open up to you more, now. I'm able to look you in the eyes, instead of at your package. 😂😂
this is bull shit, okay. you'd have to be some stud for the line "hey i really like your sweater" to work. trust me if you ever want to get laid in your entire life, dont open the conversation with something that fuckin creepy. open with a joke or a sarcastic comment or something. they eat that shit up.