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Okay but imagine you being close friends with your bias that secretly likes you and he catches you hanging out with another guy and they get jealous and become all dominant and Oh mY gOd yes please!
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I heard that VIXX's Leo does that, like if he knows you're his fan and he sees you looking at or screaming for another member of VIXX he gives you a look like 'excuse you what are you doing?' hahahahhahaha
@kpopandkimchi NO WAY LMAO SO IF O HAVE EYES FOR N HE'D BE LIKE "no only me "
That is my very favorite "kdrama move" Gets me in the feels EVERYTIME! Especially the times on Flower Boy Ramen Shop. Oh my goodness!
That would be amazing though IF that ever happens XD
okay Suga/jimin calm yourselves cus you smol .-. there's like a two inch difference omfg sit your tiny selves down and as for chanyeol, D.O,Lay,Hoshi, Wonwoo, The8,Jun, etc....calm your squishy tol selves down.... (D.O is like 5'8 so ye he tol for me -__-....makes me sad)