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NL Cy Young Award: Kershaw, Greinke, or Arrieta?
So it looks like its going to be a race between Kershaw, Greinke, and Arrieta.

Kershaw leads the National League in innings and strikeouts.

Greinke leads the National League in ERA and WHIP.

Arrieta leads the National League in wins (He also pitched a no-no against the Dodgers)

Who do you think is going to win the National League Cy Young award this year?

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@ljk901023 so who do you think's gonna win the Cy Young this year?
2 years ago·Reply
must be greinke
2 years ago·Reply
@ljk901023 I agree dude....honestly Kershaws' performance has been impeccable lately, but his slow start wont get him the Cy Young this year
2 years ago·Reply
@christianmordi i dunno man, i think at this point i'd rather see deGrom pitch in a game 7 than Harvey. pretty much a toss up though
2 years ago·Reply
@jeff4122 Yeah same here especially with Harveys inning limits haha
2 years ago·Reply