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Greetings Vingle - from a newbie
Hi guys! So, I just created a Vingle yesterday, and this kind of took over every other social media outlet for me. The fangirl/guy base here is so HUGGGEE and I LOOVVEE ITTT!!
Anyways, I think listing my favorite groups will probably help you guys understand me the most so without further ado...

Epik High


My hubby's name is Jin (He's the one doing awkward on the left)




When moonbyul looks just as good in men's clothes as she does in women's.


They really have some amazing songs.
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welcome to vingle! those wheely contraptions in that gif look really interesting...
@kpopandkimchi OMG YAAS I loved all their albums literally every one is always so on point. Tablo rapping hits the soul~
welcome to vingle!! 。^‿^。 now you can never leave Lmao, *sorry for the creepiness * but I hope you enjoy your time here