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"Santa isn't going to come unless you go to bed, Tim." Ah, parents - the ones who made us then molded us into the people that we are today. They were there for our first day of Kindergarten, our high school graduation, and that one time in 2nd grade when we accidentally peed our pants during recess. (Thanks for stopping by with a dry pair, Mom.)

But they also lied to you. A lot. About really ridiculous things.

Why does it thunder? The angels are bowling, of course. Why shouldn't you make that face? Because it's going to stick that way.

Today's Question:

Which weird lies did YOUR parents tell you growing up? Did you believe them? And if so, for how long?

Comment below, swap your stories with other Vinglers, and prepare for some big laughs!
"Shrimp are just tiny chickens. And you love chicken!" I used to hate shrimp so this is what they used to tell me... and it worked lol (facepalm)
They basically led me to believe anything was magical. Like elves and fairies existed. I’m ok with it though...I had an active imaginations
@danidee I think everybody grew up with a version of the Seed of Death
... My parents told me none of these things. The only lie was, "If you eat apple seeds, you're going to grow a tree in your stomach."
@Arellano1052 @buddyesd I heard a story once about someone getting some sort of pea or fruit seed of some sort accidentally in their lung and it started sprouted and I've been forever disturbed.
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