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Their new song MANSAE is out!!! Go have a listen!!!! CAN WE TALK ABOUT THEIR BEAUTIFUL HAIR I don't know all of seventeens names yet (IM SORRY) but omg woozi and jeonghan their hair is perf. and that guy with blue grey hair with the side part omg love it AND THEY KEPT ON MAKING FUN OF WOOZI BY DRAGGING THE MIKE UP
I did and I really loved the dance! This video also made some of the other members really stand out compared to Adore U so I feel like I love so much more of the group!!!
@kpopandkimchi the mv and choreography was definitely more individualized this time!!! but what hoshi did was really smart with shining diamond and adore u he presented seventeen as a group and their amazingness as a group but in MANSAE he managed to introduce everyone individually so that people who now knew seventeen could appreciate everyone or people who were new could see the individuality and group aspect of seventeen!!!
Oh my goodness everyone looks soooo good! I am not sure but I think you are talking about MinGyu but again, I'm not sure??? I have their faces down for the most part, just a little bit of issues with Wonwoo and MinGyu. The song is really good tho!
I Love the video <3
@kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga Have you seen the mv?
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