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The day has come for another Twisted Thursday! I loved the first TT submissions and probably this week's gonna be great as well! Also thanks to all of those who participated in the last week TT :)
This week topis is: Creepiest Anime character!~ Give me the creepiest and scariest anime character that has given you nightmares everytime you watch them.


>One pick for each participant. >Be as creative as possible! by using videos, gif, images, etc. > Write {TT} on the title so I know its for this challenge! >Please tag me so I won't miss your cards! >You have until wednesday to do this! >Have fun!
I can already imagine the cards you'll come up with! Give the community nightmares this week xD I hope many people participate this time as well! @poojas @biancadanica98 @DanRodriguez @VinMcCarthy @AimeeH @shannonl5 @AkiraCondry @amobigbang @FrankilliMambo and everyone in the community!
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@NerukaWong you totally should! I'm sure it's fine ^_^
@NerukaWong I can't wait to see your card for this lol XD
@poojas Ohh I have too many. I must stick to the eeny meeny miny mo method... XD
@NerukaWong Go for it! Hahaha :)
@NerukaWong I cannot tag everyone T.T Please make yours! ill make sure to tag you on the next one :)