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Hello Friends!
Today's community anime recommendation is Classroom Crisis.
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Classroom Crisis

Manga illustrated by: Masaharu Takano
Anime directed by: Kenji Nagasaki
Number of episodes: 12
Summary (from Anime News Network):
Set in a future where interplanetary space travel has become possible, a space aeronautics mega-corporation named Kirishina Corp. has opened an academy on Mars, and a specialized class in that academy, named A-TEC (Advanced Technological Development Department, Educational Development Class) contains especially talented students, spending part of their time in class, and the other part of their time working to develop rocket engines. The story follows the members of the A-TEC class, and their progress on developing a new engine, called the X-2, while dealing with issues related to both being in high school, and being company employees engineering rockets. The issues they will face include those stemmed from adolescence and those brought onto them from higher management.
Would you give Classroom Crisis a shot? Why or why not? ^_^
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yes! I'm up for trying it!
No but only because I wouldn't be able to get in. I can barley finish my math homework let alone build a rocket lol XD
Haha I was thinking the same @AkiraCondry lol
ooh this one seems like something I would like . has anyone seen it?
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