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On Tuesday, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton apologized for using her personal email server while she was Secretary of State. After she released the emails for review and some time she came out with a statement: “I opted for convince to use my personal email account...I’m sorry.”
We really haven’t learned much from the release of these emails, except for the fact that Hillary really loves Parks and Rec.
Anyway...this all boring old news. So, introducing...

Texts From Hillary

Texts From Hillary is a Tumblr blog that went pretty viral. Two guys, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe created the Tumblr poking fun at this image of Hillary. Users would also submit their best Texts from Hillary paired with popular celebrities and politicians.

Just the typical Hillary being sassy and badass.

It got so big that Hillary Clinton even noticed it herself. She submitted her own to their blog, and met the creators. I sure hope they weren’t texting the whole time...

Hillary Clinton Texts are way more interesting than her emails in my opinion. We should all be reviewing her texts instead...

MY NEW FAVORITE TUMBLR. Thanks for posting this. It's been a long time since I've seen a good, witty themed tumblr lol.
of course Hillary would ride a g6 haha
hillary is indeed badass!
Totally @danidee and @mchlyang. I like the idea of Hillary texting Obama and Biden to behave and hanging out with Maryl Streep. All awesome strong powerful ladies hang out together right? Also they ride G6s @jokes