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So @RosePark tagged me in this community challenge, that asks us to pick out who we feel is the creepiest character in anime.
So here's my pick!

Character: The Hero Killer, Stain

From: Boku no Hero Academia

So while this isn't technically an anime, it's a manga, I still think Stain is creepy enough to merit being included for this challenge card.
He's super creepy!
His power is the ability to make your whole body inert by consuming some of your blood with his tongue. That means that in addition to cutting you with swords, he then licks you to paralyze you! How disgusting is that?
Answer: VERY
I'm excited to see everybody else's!
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@poojas there is no unseeing... and thanks, I totally forgot. edited. it!!! good level of creepiness Woo! good pick~
I would say this is creepy but if you have seen Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (both original and Stardust Crusaders), you would consider that one to be pretty normal xP
@aliciasalinas I haven't seen that, but I'll have to add it to my list! I just find the idea of someone licking you to paralyze you would be creepy AF
Oh my god, I want to do this challenge and yet the creepiest anime character to me does not have any G-rated pictures of them on the internet.