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Now now...dont get me wrong I love Yuno from "Miraii Nikki".
As for the title I both love and think she is creepy. When she's not being a stalker she"'s one of the cutest characters I've seen ever and her voice as well ㅡwㅡ/
(spoiler alert) However, when she gets jelly and serious, she's one crazy creepy girl. The thing that creeps me out the most is the fact that she wants to keep creating a new world by killing Yuki over and over to be with Yuki in the new world for all eternity. If that's not creepy I dont know what is.
Overall, I love her cute school girl side but her crazy side really creeps the frick out.
I understood all I need to know about this character at "When she's not being a stalker she"'s one of the cutest characters." XD
Her sadistic laugh is dope though I have to admit shechanges from adorable to psycho in a quick second lol
i love here she is cool yes so werid
she is intense!
lololol this chick is so wildly creepy with the way she persues Yuki. like damn, girl, calm down a little bit! I say creepy.
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