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Hello and welcome to the first ever SUPER VS SUPER SHOWDOWN. Today we have 2 iconic super villains,1 being known as dark,gritty,mad and insane! And the other being rich,smart,powerful and equally insane! I am going to guide you into their worst,nasty and most disgusting moments and their powers of course now let's being!


•Skinning one of his goons alive! •Murdering Jason Todd •Murdering Jim Gordon's wife •Cutting his own face off... •Shooting Barbara Gordon in the spine COME ON BATMAN CAN YOU JUST KILL HIM ALREADY?!!?!! Let's just move on to his so called powers now.


•This man has no attachment to anything •Immune to fear gas! •So immune to pain he said it's like sex WTF?! •Immune to poison how OP can you get? •Knows Batman's identity... These may not be considered superpowers but just look at him isn't his face already A DAMN SUPER POWER? let's go to the green goblin


•Framing Spider-Man for murder •Kidnaping Peter's Baby •Unmasking Spider-man •The death of Gwen Stacy •Faking Aunt mays death Okay maybe joker has it all wrapped up but let's see what powers Goblin has.


•Pumpkin Bombs •A glider •Super-Human strength •Healing rate •Highly skilled with business and is very wealthy


I want all of you to say who wins in the comments and please fill free to give you input.

Who's Next?

Also please put in the comments who you would like next.

Thank you to everyone in the Marvel and DC community!

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The more I think about this the more I feel like they'd tear apart the world just to end up being friends at the end of the fight. Like "hey, we have a lot in common, let's go make more mayhem together"
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 like killing the heroes lol
2 years ago·Reply
@buddyesd lol just going on a total rampage. Gotham and New York would be doomed XD
2 years ago·Reply
@JoeMaring what do you think about these two? Joker vs. Goblin!
2 years ago·Reply