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iPhone launches are like rock concerts, gallery openings and TED talks all in one. Rolling out of the shadows and into the hot little hands of consumers everywhere, the new iPhone 6S is about to dominate the internet for the next few days.
People are buzzing about the improvments to the iPad and something called the iPencil (who cares right?) But the real star is always the iPhone, whose constantly morphing physique, capabilities and technological specifications have everyone on the edge of their seat.
Here is a quick rundown of all the important new features. These "S" model phones are taking a small step toward huge leaps in technology. And that's pretty damn exciting.

1. There's a new color.

All of you iPhone obsessed people will love the new rose-gold. It's more of a copper-y color as the alternative to the gold / white / silver and black that we were used to. I still enjoy the gold, but the rose is pretty cool too.

2. The camera is twice as good as the current 6.

I love the camera on my phone, and this just seems incredible. They're bringing the front-facing camera up to code with the normal one.
It'll have 12 megapixels instead of 6 and video and photo capabilities will be out-of-this-world.
Remember when cameras were only on the back of phones and they were way worse quality than the front facing ones on current iPhones? Meh.

3. Something called 3D touch is happening

Okay, this concept was a bit weird to me too. "3D touch" capability basically means that you can isolate parts of your screen and see a lot more of a "photo" than usual. Which we're getting to...

4. With Live Photos

"live photo" creates a moving photo, or giph-y looking thing that makes it so people can see what happens 1.5 seconds before, and 1.5 seconds after a picture is taken.
So, if I'm taking a selfie I taking it for 5 seconds? I don't get it. But it looks pretty cool.

5. This is all made possible with a new screen made of new material

Apparently, this intuitive screen will notate the difference between a tap, a touch, and a jab, making the phone entirely more receptive to what you actually want.
This may be a big adjustment for someone like me who just jabs away all day, but I digress.
Are you pumped for the new iPhone, or does it seem like more of the same?
Innovation happens in little steps.
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@VinMcCarthy yeah that's kind of how I feel too. This phone I have is fine, and so is the 5. Every phone that comes out now is awesome though, like regardless of brand. Technology is in a really cool place
ohhh live photos! looks like they’re trying to compete with Snapchat in a way.
@nicolejb I'm sure of that!!! IPhone wants to be an all encompassing technological thing. At least that's how it appears haha
The only thing makes me excited is the camera :"3 it's selfie time muahhahahahah
HAhah @ellapytan! I’m all about the selfies too. good for some glamour shots XD