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The first vowel in Hiragana is あ. Pronounced as "ah". Like the "a" in "car" or in "awful". Underneath is the correct stroke order for when writing it. Stroke order is actually very important! It helps the symbol come out nicer, and Japanese people will comment if you don't write it in the correct order or may not be able to read it at all. Horizontal lines are first and then it goes top to bottom and left to right. It takes a bit of practice but after awhile the stroke order will become like second nature :)
がんばって~! Good luck~!
Oh @SunnyV you might also want to post this card in Learn Japanese community :) You guys might want to follow Sunny's collection if you're up for learning the Japanese alphabets :) @AkiraCondry @Cathybrain @caitlind9898 @sherrysahar @AimeeH @SarahHawkins @EllieDean
Thank you @AkiraCondry ^^ I tried. I'll start writing more words in Hiragana as I introduce all of them~ @poojas Okay, I will~ and thank you~ I had wanted to put pictures that would help memorize the symbol, but I couldn't find any good ones, hopefully I'll find some for future cards~! @EllieDean I'm actually planning on going to Japan too! I'll be going to school to study Japanese more :D I'm hoping things go well and I get to go~
Its for an internship at a publishing house in Okinawa and Tokyo. I turned in all my paperwork I'm just waiting to hear back from them.
I am so up for it since I'm going to Japan next summer!
@AkiraCondry No problem :) One day I hope to be at least slightly fluent at the casual level in both Japanese and Korean.
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