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size 9?--- not bad :)
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me too, i wear size 9....btw nice shoes...
5 years ago·Reply
Yeah, I can't wear shoes with white. I can't keep white clean at all. I think I'm cursed. (O_O)
5 years ago·Reply
I have white color of this shoes, this is my kind of shoes. I found it comfortable. And flats.
5 years ago·Reply
@katieloidlei ...you sound like me, i wear tennis shoes and flats but once in awhile i'll dress up like a girl and wear heels, lolz .....@Yinofyang ...i wear mostly dark shoes, i dont have any white shoes either not that i cant keep it clean its not my preference.
5 years ago·Reply
Yes, tennis shoes and flats are wonderful. I also love my flip-flops! I will wear flip-flops until it starts snowing, then I put them away. XD
5 years ago·Reply