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What is a Letter to Humanity you ask? Its just something I do. Something I've just kinda done forever. I write stuff I wish I could deliver to everyone in the world, and leave it in my notes, sharing it with people who need it.
YOU MAY NOT STEAL THESE!!! You are however allowed to refer a friend to these. The reason that you may not steal them is because I am compiling them all together to make a book. I promised myself I wouldn't post them anywhere until my book was done, but hey! I lie to myself on a regular basis. I'm a lot like the Doctor, in the fact that the number one rule is the Doctor lies. But... I only lie if I need to for one's health and safety. I try not to lie if all its doing is benefiting myself. I like truth more than lie... I'm weird.
ANYWHO!!! Getting side tracked. I am not a certified suicidal psychologist or anything of the sort. I'm just a guy who likes helping people. It's my purpose in life. It's what I do. I don't want you to thank me for my help, or try to repay me, because (try to make sense of this) it helps me when I help you, and if you repay me then it equals out, and there for removes any positive you may have gotten from the situation (cancelling out), there for, not helping me. In other words, I need to help people, and I refuse help back, because I hate troubling people, and it doesn't help me because then I get troubled.
So I'm just gunna stop writing before this gets really confusing. But the whole point of this card was to introduce you to my Letters to Humanity. Basically I write what the universe puts in my head, and leave it in my notes to rot, until I put it in my book. So I'm just gunna post a few here and there, while I compile enough of them to make a book out of them. Take it like a sneak preview. Enjoy. Goodbye. *** NOTE: I do not own the picture!!! I just like it. A lot.
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I dig this a bunch. I think something like this is really necessary in today's era of cheap nonsensical platitudes. do the jam, man.
@TessStevens and @VinMcCarthy Thank you both so much! Your keeping me motivated to make these! 😁
Sounds pretty cool!! I'm gonna follow the collection :) looking forward to checkin' em out!
Your morals are great and your over-all attitude is catchy, along with intelligent. I look forward to reading this!
@Narissatayy Thank you so much! Please do enjoy.