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Hi everyone! So about two hours again Seventeen's new video for their second single 'Mansae' came out! Woo! While I'm not a huge fan of them their song 'Adore U' probably has one of the most addictive beats. Its super fun and makes you want to dance. Therefore its one of my favorite songs to come out this year. Plus I still only know two of their names. Hansol because of Show Me the Money and Woozi because he's Suga's mini me. So you guys might have to help me out there.
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To the song! I actually haven't seen one teaser one for the song. So I went into watching the music video was no sort of expectations. And while the video is cute the song really doesn't live up to the hype of Adore U. It was a bit average for me. There wasn't really a part of it that caught my attention. Nothing grabbed me and made me want to watch. I also kind of expected more from them. Even going in not seeing any teasers and not knowing what the song sounded like it was alright to me. Hopefully if they have a mini album their will be a song that I like. Let me know what you guys think below!
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