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Dear Humanity, Today I have come to realize something. I exist. Now you're probably thinking "Well no duh Sherlock". But hear me out! I, Ryder William Waylander, physically exists, on this physical Earth (which, by the way, also exists), in this physical universe (which, can you believe it, also exists)!!! You know, the fact that the universe and the world exists is cool and all, but the truth is that I don't wake up each morning and marvel at the fact that they exist. I like their existence and all, don't get me wrong. It's just... that's not the first thing I think of in the morning. However I do wake up, and one of the first things in do is look at my hands and say to myself in my head "Woah... look at that... I am here... I have a physical being that exists, on a physical world perched in a physical universe, and in this physical house called my body, there is my heart, mind, soul, and spirit. This all means that I can interact and live around other physical things, including other equally as existing beings, that EXIST!!!". I know it may seem funny and all... the existence thing... but really. I could just as easily not exist. Sure, a few people may be a little sadder, but you know what? The entire physical universe that currently exists would not cease to exist because one weird physical being has his physical self stop working on him, resulting in his demise. In other words, life goes on without me. HOWEVER!!! I DO EXIST!!! I exist!!! Isn't that quite exciting!?! How is that NOT exciting!?! I AM HERE! On this physical Earth, dangling in this physical universe, making my own choices, taking into account my existence, and the existences of all the beings that exist around me. I EXIST!!! And do you want to know the coolest thing in the whole universe? So do you. ~Ryder Waylander
This is awesome! :)
Beautiful :)
Awesome, @AlexanderBeta! ^.^
This is so great! I have a really vivid memory of thinking "oh my goodness I AM ALIVE" when I was in the grocery store with my mom. I was staring at the eggs.
Existence, it's a strange thing. Beautifully put!
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