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After I moved out and away at 18 years old, I had to learn how to cook my own foods. Although, my cooking will NEVER be as great as my abuela's or my mother's. If there's one piece of food item I truly miss -- is a succulent, fatty, thick piece of pork chop.
In the Puerto Rican cuisine, pork is an important thing for us. Our main meat is pork (we also enjoy other meats, but pork is where it's atttt).
See, I am not a difficult woman. It doesn't take much to make me happy. All I want is a really thick slab of flamed pork, and a hot guy on my side.

What's one food you miss from back home? It can be from your favorite restaurant, from home, or a family dish you just can't replicate.

Recent's def not a homemade dish....but I miss Chipotle so much :( I used to have it three times a week but there isn't one here...
I've learned to cook "home cook meals". So everything I ate growing up, I know how to cook. However what I do miss is........CHINESE FOOD FROM NEW YORK CITY..... Ohhhh how I miss thee. Yummy. Pork fried rice and chicken wings. Mmmmmmm. @alywoah
@TerrecaRiley @arios025 @KarenCorchado @Esha @ArianaQuick @allischaaff @buddyesd @LizArnone @RobertMarsh @ericasyummyfood @RaquelArredond @danidee ... how about all of you .... is there a food dish/item you miss from a certain city, restaurant, or even from home???
Don't u dare judge my food cravings lol!!!! @marshalledgar
@mchlyang I use to not see what was go great about chipotle but then my friend told me to get a side of their dressing to put on my burrito or taco or burrito bowl and now I really like it !!!!!
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