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The Capital Wasteland. The Mojave Wasteland. Any wasteland in the Fallout Universe. I'd happily live in a world where everything was destroyed by Nuclear bombs hundreds of years ago.
I don't know what it is about the Wasteland that makes me wish so hard I was born into that world. Sure all the water is irradiated and sure we're only listening to music from the 50s but also everything is so much cooler.
I wouldn't even want to take the role of the Lone Wanderer or the Courier (this is what we call the main characters of the games) in the world. I'd just want to get good enough shooting a gun, maybe find a place to settle down, and start a little store. In a world that could kill you every day you continue to exist within it, I'm pretty sure that starting a settlement and setting up trade routes is one of the better things to do. Adventures seem a little dangerous, especially if you're all alone in the wastes.
All this talk about Fallout is getting me extremely hype for Fallout 4 (pictured above) -- which comes out in Novemeber -- and did I forget to mention that you could actually start your own settlement and trade routes in the game? It's like Bethesda read my mind (and this card before I even thought about writing it) and I'm so excited to get my hands on it in a couple of months.
Thanks @VinMcCarthy for another great Video Game challenge. Can't wait for the next one!
I haven't heard a whole lot about this game but it looks like it's gonna be a good one
@paulisaverage dope, dude. I would probably be too chicken to live in the wasteland but you make some compelling reasons for it (see @galaxytacocat?) @buddyesd dude it's gonna be ahhh-maaaazing!
@buddyesd just the amount of stuff the game allows you to do is going to make it a definite time-suck (in the best way possible) @VinMcCarthy, I'm still terrified of living there, don't get me wrong. But what's life without a little fear of pooping your pants because there's a Deathclaw over there and you're alone and wait there's a super mutant, oh god.