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Hello friends, it's a been a busy week for me, so you may have notice the hairstyles I've been sharing are short and simple. Those of you that are still in school or have rough morning will appreciate the recent cards. Here's another quick hair tutorial to add on for the week. The braid wrap ponytail. The pictures are found on pinterest and it didn't lead to any source but I included a short description to go along with each image.
Pull your hair back in a ponytail (leaving out a small section from the left). Braid the leftover section and secure it with a clear elastic or hair tie.
Wrap the braid around the pontyail to cover up the starting point.
Bobby pin it to place. You may add any hair accessory to further decorate your ponytail.
That's it! This should take not longer than 5 minutes (even if you are a beginner braider).