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Sweatshirts are a fashion staple for all weather, but they really get their day in the Fall. Check out these hilarious, pop-culture, food and cartoon themed graphic sweatshirts from Shop Jeen. This store will literally drain your wallet. So many cool things.

Also, not sure if the Bieber mug-shot sweatshirt is real or not, but I want it to be.

The "LIsa Thinks You're a Loser" Sweatshirt

For all y'all with a little attitude.

The "Froot Loop Fantasy" Sweatshirt

To add to your hunger throughout the day. Maybe if you're tired enough you'll try to bite yourself. Seriously, how hyper-real is this?

An exact replica of Chuckie Finster's sweatshirt from Rug Rats.

Proceed with caution if you've got red hair. You may turn into a cartoon.

This incredible Adventure Time sweatshirt

Totally mathematical!!!

And of course my spirit sweatshirt:

Kim Crying.

Because nobody loves Kim's crying face more than you right?
@Danse i know right!?!?!?!
Rug rats.. oh dear Lord. (:V) TAKE MY MONEY. *throws bills*
the only one I would actually buy is the Lisa sweater
Hahaha these are like shirts for kids obsessed with the internet.
kkkkkkk thats cool
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