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ESPN released a expose about the NFL’s Patriots cheating scandals. From 2000-2007 there were reports of the team videotaping multiple opponents illegally. In fact, the team has gotten in a lot of trouble for cheating previous. The team has been punished, but how many time times they got away was taping is unsure. The ESPN report also suggested one important thing:

“Spygate” led to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell being more harsh on “Deflategate.”

Talk about holding a grudge...Or maybe Goodell was taking need precautions.
I’m not a sports person, but this is one case of some serious drama.
Cartoon by: Dave Granlund
Here is the link to the card:
@nicolejb I actually saw a great card on the movie by @paulisaverage! Everyone needs to check it out!
wow.....all these scandals....the NFL needs to focus more on players' safety and come up with a policy dealing with head injuries
I read that! I can’t imagine what that experience would be like. but it’s pretty scary to think about...and that card did just that! @mchlyang
For real though @mchlyang! I’m actually excited to see that Concussion movie!