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A 60-year old drunk guy, Kiichi Ishikawa, was arrested in a mobile company's retail store south of Tokyo over the weekend after violently attacking the company's customer service robot, citing that he "didn't like its attitude".
A robot that talks back? I haven't heard of such thing since that sassy one from the Jetsons.

You know, this one.

Pepper, aforementioned drunk guy's robo-victim, is a humanoid designed to work alongside sales associates in mobile service Softbank's several Japanese locations. While using robots to help customers has become an increasingly popular trend among national services, Pepper is particularly advanced because of its ability to sense human emotions.
Needless to say, you've got to wonder if it saw this one coming.
According to the Japan Times, employees of the location say that, since the incident, Pepper moves a little slower. The company believes it may have a damaged internal computer system.

As for Ishikawa? Well, he should probably get ready to shell out some serious yen for repairs.

@buddyesd I see what you did and I like it.
it's c3po and r2d2 had a baby...
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