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this little paws has touched sense of caring when she came to home then suddenly it was raining. me along with one of cousing walked to upfront to checked the door and suddenly this kitten hold onto lower part of door and kept stared at us likewise she won't let being outside in cold place. who would think that moment with one of adorable kitten didn't make a second for me to carried her inside and put it in warm space covered in towel and suppliment for stomach. she is calm ,taking a nap all night and prefer milk than food. having a peaceful day ,this morning she walked down from place she's been resting on and likely she has sense to see the mother in which it seems looking for the kitten in my garage. i heard the big one meow followed with kitten's voice. hmm i'm relieved they met again and hope they'd come for once to home
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i love cat/dog paws!!!
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that cute thing is so fluffy <3
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