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so this isn't really kpop related but I thought I could share my feelings with my kpop fans today with what happened to me today... I have always been bullied since elementary all the way to high school so when I graduated I thought the torture was over... but little did I know I didn't escape it...
so I work around 90 hours for 2 weeks so I'm always tired and don't every really want to do anything on my days off or when I leave morning shift so yeah I guess you can say I've gotten a little lazy.
now that the basics are out, my boss and a few of my other coworkers for the past 3 months have been making fun of my weight saying I'm fat and I'm not going to get married (which i do want to be married one day but right now i want to focus on school).if I keep the weight I have cause all I'm doing is gaining, and saying all i do is eat, which is a lie if I work afternoons I won't eat in the morning so when I get to work around 6 I get hungry from not eating all day so I eat and if I work the morning I get hungry so I eat breakfast I mean I'm human I have to eat telling me I eat to much isn't fair to me but they don't tell anyone else they eat to much at work only me, now I've gotten use to being bullied about my weight in high school so I just shrugged it off and ignored it but today they kept throwing them at me so I left to the restroom with out saying a word and just broke down in tears, because it's just reminding me of high school all over again. I don't know how to tell them to stop nicely expecially my boss with out him taking offence and firing me (cause I really need a job to pay rent and bills). I've told my 'friends' about it and they just say I need to get over it or its just a joke. but to me it's more than a joke since I was bullied for 4 years for my weight...
I mean I myself can tell I've gained weight from what I use to look like back in high school but I don't need other people rubbing it in my face about it, and for me it's had for me to loose weight, I am dieting, exercising now but it takes me awhile, and I try telling my boss and coworkers I do work out its just going to take me time and they tell me I am a liar and all I do is sit at home doing nothing which is true sometimes when I work all day and the next day I want to rest my body but I don't do it all the time... and I'm not gonna lie some if bts songs have helped me get through the time I'm crying about being made fun off but sometimes I just want someone to really talk to about it.
@kmeier230 i been there with the bullying non stop and one asumes its all over after high school but sadly we live in a society thats messed up dont let them get to u know how to block them already meanwhile save up and quit or find a better job wtf do they care if ur husky or not they don't feed u or pay ur bills i hate people like that n thanx for sharing instead of keeping it inside it wont help keep us posted and hopefully u find a solution hang in there
My advice is tell them that makes you feel bad...despite culture differences feeling are universal. Don't worry about seeming whinny or coming off bad. Just be sincere and'll get through. Let them know it makes you feel bad and they shouldn't make you feel bad. It's hard...I know...I did that too...if they continue to make fun of you they don't have positive feelings toward you and you need to change jobs...happy employees make happy customers.
I myself have quit a job over something like this. I'm not sure where you work or what you do. But I live n work in ca, usa. I did home care, a nurse, most of my clients are elderly. I had one client who would constantly make mean and negative remarks about my weight and health, my lifestyle etc. I've always been curvy and I'm happy with that. Like you I'd eat only once or twice a day, and even then sometimes not full meals just half a sandwhich, a fruit, etc. drink plenty of fluids or pick a meal and really eat for thatbday. There were a couple times my sugar got so low I thought I'd be hospitalized. I worked full time and went to school full time too. I recently graduated. It was in a psych class that I realized that my eating habits wasn't normal or healthy. I talked to a psychologist a senior and former teacher from my school and I noticed a pattern that I didn't eat right or healthy when my client ragged on me about my weight...I tried to combat the extreme negativity by taking an extreme measure. That client stressed me out and made me unhappy about myself...depressed...and nobody should have to endure or tolerate something that's bad for your body and well being. No matter if you eat or exercise correctly if your psyche isn't also being taken care of and healthy you'll become stressed and depressed have a warped body image and your body will follow that, slow on losing weight, or even gaining weight, grey hair, bad skin, etc.
Be strong. I know the life and situation you are currently in sucks but things always get better. The pace you are working for is Toxic, you need to surround yourself in positive vibes only. I think its illegal for them to do that to you, so you really need to get out of there and find another job worthy of your presence. Please remember that you are beautiful no matter what size you were, what size you are , and what size you will be. please stay strong and if you ever need to vent I'll always be here. no need to hesitate.
You need to tell your boss that it is your life and it isn't effecting your job performance so they need to butt out. If it doesn't stop then go to human resources because it is harassment. All you need to do is love yourself and if you can do that then you can make it. Go to the doctor to see if you are having anything else wrong because of being tired and gaining weight so fast it could help you. Keep smiling no one should ever make you feel less of a person because your beautiful. :)
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