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This has been in my top ten favorite songs for about 2, if not three, years. I love Rory so much. His lyrics and his voice are beautiful. I highly recommend him and his metal core band, Dayseeker. Another song I absolutely love is, "This Will Destroy Us" "Baby I don't mean to speak and move my teeth in such a way that leads you to believe this was a waste, because that's not the case. So allow me to correct my posture straight and take a second to collect my thoughts before I say what should be said... You should know you hold a fraction of my heart and probably will until the day they come to dig my grave, but that's okay even though I know I'm not forever yours... not anymore... I am the lines carved into your leg. I am the song bringing you to sleep. I am the picture without any color in it. You are the ink buried in my veins. You are the voice keeping me at peace. You are a constant reminder of what it means to be happy. I can't help that there's no one who could replace or how a smile is required when you grazed your lips across my face. Trying to escape the years you spent with me, it seems impossible for me to flee when I can see you still love me. Even the darkest parts of you are bright enough to see through. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" (Another favorite of mine is, "Wellspring". I know with passing day comes uncertain future, but all that I am sure of is that I can't picture a day without your face to light the room or your voice to softly speak, "I'm in love with you.")
Ooooh wow this is beautiful!
Wow... Thank you, @Arellano1052.
This is a great song. Nice lyrics, and the melody doesn't overwhelm them. I'm going to look into him! Thank you @Arellano1052
I love this! Listening to this definitely made my day <3
this is really lovely. I dig his voice a bunch.