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Mexican Donaldo Trumpez Talks Sh*t About USA
Funny or Die has created a video that pokes fun at Donald Trump's stupid comments on Mexico and immigration. George Lopez plays "Donaldo Trumpez" a cocky Mexican entrepreneur running for president in Mexico. Here's some of the things that Donaldo Trumpez has to say about the U.S.A.

Let's just say, it ain't so kind.

"The People that come here to Mexico -- the Americans --are rapists."

"Every year America send their damn drunks"

"They come for their Spring Break to get drunk."

Oh.....WAIT A SECOND.....

You can check out the full video here.
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Yess when I first watched the video I was just like omg this is brilliant!!! @MauSenpai
He鈥檚 definitely making a statement about how Trump views immigrants from mexico...giving him a taste of his own medicine. I love it!