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When I first read the quote above, I immediately felt everything inside of myself shift and shake. I knew/know that feeling. He's essentially talking about love at first sight but he says it in such a way that makes every bone in your body tremble. His words enter your veins in a way that make you remember the first time you felt that way when you saw someone.
I can still remember the way I felt when I saw my person enter the room. She wasn't smiling or anything, she had her bag slung over her shoulder as she walked up to order herself a coffee. I found myself caught in her orbit, I was stuck. As she searched through her purse of a couple of dollars, I imagined that she was coming to this particular coffee shop to meet me. I tend to fantasize about relationships instead of physical interactions so I thought about the way she'd tell me about her day or how she was stressed out or what she saw on the walk over here.
And much like the quote above, she wasn't doing much of anything. She was just standing there, paying for coffee. And I was lost in thought, caught up in her universe.
@DahuiJeong0216 it's a metaphor, basically saying this person he's looking at is so strong in his eyes that she's holding everything together
hording the universe together what does it mean..?