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Romantic Date Idea: Picnic Under The Stars

Looking for the perfect way to set the mood on your next date? How about the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the night sky?
If you want an incredibly romantic date at a cheap-as-free price, you can't go wrong with a nighttime picnic!
Gorgeous views. Get there before dusk and watch the sunset together. Flatter your love interest by snapping a few pics of them in the fading light. Sunset kiss, anyone? (There is nothing more romantic than a sunset kiss. NOTHING.)
Cost effective. The only money you need to spend is on a baguette, a few hunks of cheese, some fresh fruit, and a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider). Or cook a meal together, then pack it up and head into the great outdoors. You could even get take-out!
Flexible. Set your own pace. Bring a blanket, and cuddle up if the night turns chilly.
Romantic. Bring a few candles and some matches if you want to reeeaally impress your date. After the sun sets, you can gaze at the stars together – check the weather ahead of time to make sure there won't be any clouds that night, and bone up on constellation-spotting.
You just need to make sure to find a park (or backyard) nearby where you won't get busted for being there after hours (unless the sense of danger makes the date all the more exciting to you...).
The cold weather is rapidly approaching, so get out for a romantic nighttime picnic before it's too late!
Thanks @TessStevens! :D I'm glad you like! I did this a month or two ago, and honestly, it felt like the dream. The most romantic experience of my life... sigh <3 I just want to go back to that moment and relive it forever haha
This sounds like a dream! I've probably dreamed about this...hahah perfect, simple and cheap! Great idea @allischaaff
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