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Butter flies....

Most beautiful are butterflies that believe they are birds, wanting something more than what is given. I am beautiful because I want her, she is everything and nothing is more than something. and I want to hold her heart which is everything. She said it's too heavy, I held it perfectly fine becuase all this time her heart was heavy like mines. Nothing is more than the something I got and she is everything but it seems like everything is fading so maybe its better to have nothing because with nothing I have something which is nothing at all? or Maybe I should tell her that rainbows are translated differently through my loving her. That love songs make sense and I have never stopped to smell flowers before I kissed her a second time as I dream of mandolins playing as we two were swaying in gondolas in Italy as I became her Rome and she became my empire. It fades my dreams it seems that reality is too harsh for dreamers and my loving her was a dream encapsulated by my desires to light the fires of her passion so that she could see that everything I needed is within her. I settle as I drink a kettle of future moments where I still see her and kiss her and love her as I turn into a bird although I am just her butterfly. Everything is nothing until you have something with the someone that you can share everything with.
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