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Last year, I spent 40 hours a week in an office building in North Jersey. I never felt valued or important. I did the same thing every day down to the smoke breaks that I took, the conversations I would have, and the food that I ate at lunch.
It was a terrible, soul crushing experience and I hated every second of it. But there was one thing, one song to be exact, by early 2000s post-hardcore band Million Dead, that got me through every single day.
I remember starting up my car and putting this on full blast during my 30-minute commute and screaming along. It perfectly captures what it feels like to work in an office where you aren't appreciated (which, honestly, is every single fucking office -- unless you work for Google or something). It was the only thing that kept me going. So, here's to you. If you're at work, on the way to work, give this song a listen. I left it for you below.

Notable Lyrics (basically all of them):

To whom it may concern: I'd like to nominate myself to receive and award. As a small symbol of recognition for my body of work. A lifetime of selling my body to pay the bills. But my heart and my mind are mine, mine, you will not win this war. This is just a battle. Oh, oh, oh, well, I've surrendered you my physical attendance here. But no, no, no, you will not take my soul. Lest we forget why I'm sitting here. My letter to the Human Resources Department said: "You started a war so you'll get what you started"

I'm only working here cause I need the fucking money.