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The Vingle Hunger Games!

The Funny Community and Vingle present THE VINGLE HUNGER GAMES, a special contest giving you the opportunity to win:


You heard us. 60+ bags of Cool Ranch Doritos? No problem. A vat of Nutella shipped to your house? We got it. Swedish Fish, you say? We'll give you a SWEDISH OCEAN!!

So what do you have to do?

Step 1: Create a Vingle card love poem to your favorite snack.

Step 2: Make it really weird!

Step 3: Publish it in the Funny Community.

How will the winner be chosen?

The user whose poem receives the most 'likes' by 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on Sept. 20th will win!

And here's some other rules to keep in mind:

1) One snack only please! And only one poem per user, so make sure that you're picking a snack you really, truly love.
2) You must be okay with giving us your address if you win! I promise we're not shady. We just want to mail you a huge box of carbohydrates.
3) If you win, you will be contacted via direct message shortly after the deadline. If you don't respond within 48 hours, the prize will go to whoever came in second place. (We just really want to be able to feed one of you, okay?)

Good luck to all of you!

May the Cheetos be ever in your favor.

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@danidee got too much going on here. think I'm gonna have to opt out
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee I tried but it couldn't share.
2 years ago·Reply
potato chips whatever
2 years ago·Reply
We have a winner!!!!!!! https://www.vingle.net/posts/1074871 :)
2 years ago·Reply
Oh CRAP, how did I miss this?? *falls to knees, curses heavens* I missed out on my peanut butter bars! *shakes fist* RAWR, so sad. sad...sad...sad panda.
2 years ago·Reply